We are happy to announce that Keys4Coins has joined BitSpace. Entering a significant equity position in the Norwegian company that focuses on Cryptocurrency eCommerce for video games, BitSpace further diversifies its portfolio of companies, strengthening our position as the leading blockchain incubator in the Nordics.

Operational since 2014, Key4Coins is an eCommerce store offering its customers digital gaming and software licences with cryptocurrencies as the primary payment option. Founded by serial entrepreneur Olav Småriset, Keys4Coins aims at fostering mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies, making the purchase of gaming products frictionless in the process. This core mission aligns with the overall strategy at BitSpace and we look forward to continue supporting the growth of this platform.

“Ecommerce for gaming with cryptocurrency payments is a combination that drives mainstream adoption and provides a clear business case. We look forward to follow Keys4Coins into the future, and leverage synergies with other BitSpace projects to further scale the platform”

Manuel Lains – CEO BitSpace

“BitSpace has a very in depth understanding of the blockchain and cryptocurrency sphere and a very driven approach to the development of companies they are involved with. There are multiple synergies between our projects and we look forward to sharing more news in the coming months”

Olav Småriset – Founder Keys4Coins

About BitSpace

Bitspace is a Nordic Incubator specialising in blockchain technology and digital finance.


About Keys4Coins

Keys4Coins is an eCommerce platform designed for video game purchases that accepts cryptocurrency payments.