This weekend we hosted our second EOS Hackathon in the city of Trondheim, in collaboration with KaupangKrypto, a local Cryptocurrencies broker here in Norway. Trondheim is also known as the tech-capital of Norway. Trondheim houses NTNU, the most prestigious school for tech-savvy students within fields such as Computer Science and Engineering, Cybernetics, Physics, Sustainable Energy and many other different technological fields.

The event itself took place at NTNU Accel which is an innovation and incubator for promising projects coming out of NTNU.

Christian started with an introduction to EOS and gave a brief overview of what the attendees of the Hackathon might come across when digging in to the EOS resources they were provided beforehand. 

After some mingling, heavy coffee-drinking and forming team, they got to work and started digging into the source-files.

Whats a hackathon without some pizza?

One team wanted to make a better payment solution built on EOS, and made some transactions during their presentations utalizing their local test-node that they had set up. Another team looked into how they could make charitable donations more transparent taking advantage of the free transactions of the network and transparency it provides for such a niche. 

We would like to thank everyone who came to the EOS Hackathon in Trondheim. It was amazing to see what the teams were able accomplish in such little time without any preparation.

For those who missed out on the gathering, there will be more hackathons coming up in the future so stay tuned or join our telegram:

Until next time, have a great week!

Team BitSpace