BitSpace Shanghai Trip

BitSpace recently sent a delegation to Shanghai to attend the Overseas BP Event organised by EOS Cannon and met members of the EOS community in Asia. The Chinese have a very large EOS community and the Supernode BP Summit arranged by EOS Gravity attracted more than 20 Asian Block Producer candidates.

Here we would like to share some links and information about some of the Asian Block Producer candidates we met during our trip to Shanghai.

BitSpace CMO Matthew Bryce speaking at a panel with Asian Block producers in Shanghai


EOS.CYBEX is an experienced team dedicated to EOS project incubation and community development, aiming at providing a myriad of one-stop services for all dApp developers based on EOS. They try to help build an EOS ecosystem. EOS.CYBEX integrates a decentralized exchange called CYBEX, a medium for blockchain namely ChainB, LongHash, a serious medium and incubator and a cold wallet development team.


JRR Crypto

EOS JRR, founded by JRR Crypto, is committed to creating EOS-based application ecosystem and providing a series of services including project incubation, development, training, and community operation. Through the unique community autonomy program of EOS JRR, the operation rights of block producer can be returned to all participants in the community, finally, the highly active group will contribute to the prosperity and development of EOS ecology. Headquartered in Switzerland, JRR Crypto is the world’s leading distributed investment banking group which focus on blockchain industry and cryptocurrency. JRR Crypto is principally engaged in seven major business segments: incubator and industrial park, business consulting, investment banking service, industrial fund, cryptocurrency exchanges, secondary market transactions and digital asset management. As JRR Crypto’s industrial fund, JRR Capital focuses on the investment and ecological construction of high-quality blockchain projects around the world. It has completed early investments in numerous projects, including Binance, the world’s leading blockchain asset trading platform, tokenGazer, Draco, WAX, etc.



Wancloud is a neutral and innovative Blockchain-as-a-Service platform that aims to leverage blockchain technology to effectively serve the needs of business and society. Combining blockchain with cloud computing, Wancloud provides community, enterprise users and developers with a suite of blockchain services. Featured by its convenient, flexible and professional service, Wancloud is committed to lowering the cost and threshold of blockchain applications, to the reduction of repetitive workload for clients and to the promotion of blockchain technology adoption.

EOS Cannon

The vision of EOS Cannon is to decentralise everything and evolve EOS into a Blockchain network that profoundly changes our life in a better way. EOS Cannon technical team is focusing on High availability, Stability and Scalability of the Producer node and has launched an EOS testnet named Cannon Testnet. Furthermore, EOS Cannon plans to be an active EOS ecosystem contributor and project incubator. EOS Cannon has high credibility in China and is willing to connect and promote sharing between overseas and Chinese EOS communities.


Hello EOS

HelloEOS gathered the best developers of the Graphene toolkit and senior leaders of the community. They founded and manage several social media channels: HiBlockchain(WeChat subscription, more than 20 thousand followers) HelloEOS Community(9 QQ chat groups and 10 WeChat groups, more than 30 thousand members altogether) information site that focuses on promoting blockchain and Graphene 2.0). HelloEOS have been running since 2013, when the first project of BM was still in testnet. Over the years, HelloEOS have been members of the BitShares Committee and a witness on the BitShares blockchain.


EOS Beijing

The EOS Beijing team is composed of experienced digital currency professionals and investors. EOS Beijing will collaborate with university research programs and various blockchain community groups, to support EOS-related academic research and promote EOS awareness and adoption. With the support and cooperation of wallets, cryptocurrency media, and other elements of the ecosystem and be capable of making significant contributions to the development of EOS.



EOS Asia, a Block Producer candidate with a world-class technical team and seasoned blockchain DApp developers are bringing together EOS super fans from China, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and more.


EOS Village

EOSvillage are a team with in-depth understanding of high-concurrent products. They have financial support through investment from world-class funds. They have launched a series of internet product such as Qingchifan, Adore, and Maoqiu, which are successfully operating online. In 2018 they launched, a blockchain-based information platform. Their goal is to build China’s first-class blockchain community, to facilitate development and advancement of blockchain industry and technology. To achieve this goal, EOSvillage gathered resources and set up a 2,500 sqm incubator, to facilitate the EOS ecosystem, accompanying a series of online and offline seminars to share EOS technology.



The BitSpace visit to Shanghai was a fantastic experience and we are very honored to have met the Chinese EOS community. There are many other Asian block producer candidates that we will cover and write about in the coming months.

BitSpace look forward to returning to Asia soon and experiencing this journey together as one global ecosystem that helps develop the future of EOS.