Manuel Lains from BitSpace gave a presentation at Oslo Blockchain Day titled “BitShares and SmartCoins – Bridging the Gap“. The presentation concerns the gap between the traditional financial economy and the new emergent crypto economy, detailing how they differ and how we might bridge the gap that currently exists between the economies. Currently the bridge between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies is provided by centralized exchanges, isolated, and regulated by each respective jurisdiction. On the other hand, in the cryptocurrency space, there are free decentralized exchanges with no regulation whatsoever. The BitShares decentralized exchange is an open blockchain platform. The mission is to bridge the gap by enabling legally and regulatory-compliant gateways at the edges while simultaneously preserving the trustless, decentralized properties of a cryptocurrency at the foundation.

Download the slides from the presentation here, and watch it on YouTube:

Presentations from the Bitcoin community

BitSpace also hosted the cryptocurrency workshop for Oslo Blockchain Day, where we focused on Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and Crypto-Finance (BitShares). Check out the blogpost here.  Also check out the presentations from our collaborators Bjørn Bjercke and Nicholas O’Malley who helped us out at the workshop. Bjørn Bjercke, also known as ‘Mr. Bitcoin’, gave a presentation titled “The cryptography behind the Bitcoin Blockchain“. He explained the fundamentals of Bitcoin cryptography; be sure to check that out here. Nicholas O’Malley, who recently played a role in the documentary “Bitcoin-Experiment” on NRK, gave a presentation called “The Bitcoin Conflict” where he talked about scalability issues and the related debate in the Bitcoin community. Check that out here.