BitSpace hosted Oslo’s First Bitcoin Course in partnership with OuiShare, Oslo Bitcoin Meetup and Cultura Bank. The course was aimed at beginners and lasted for 3 hours, though we went well over time discussing the topics with several very interested, and interesting (!), participants. The course included several presentations. Thomas Kenworthy gave a general introduction to the philosophy and history of money in his “What is Money?“. Bjørn Bjercke gave a short introduction to Bitcoin in his presentation “What is Bitcoin?“. Ivar Duserud talked about economics in his “Boom, Bust and Bitcoin” and Nicholas O’Malley gave a practical introduction in his “Bitcoin in Use.

Bitcoin: the new money

The course also included a practical workshop component where everyone learned to install a Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency wallet. The participants filled it with the Bitcoin that was included in the course. They could then send to each other and view their transactions in real time and how wallets work. It was great fun. We hope to arrange several more courses, workshops and meet-ups in the coming year! There’s plenty of ground to cover with the emergence of the crypto economy, and we wish to help people with a smooth transition to the new money in the new economy.

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