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BitSpace is a Norwegian Blockchain company specializing in enterprise solutions, application development and community growth.

What We Do


  • Professional expertise with over 20 years collective experience in the blockchain sector
  • Bespoke blockchain agnostic solutions and consulting services
  • Scale your operations without exposure to market volatility


  • In-house design and architecture
  • Competence spanning a wide range of technologies within “public” or “permissioned” systems
  • Cross-sector innovation in both the public and private sectors


  • Leverage our international network covering multiple continents
  • Gain exposure through annual conferences and industry events such as CryptoFinance
  • Learn and understand the landscape of different communities across the world


Blockchain Consulting

By combining Blockchain with emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Digital Assets we build custom solutions for the future.

Norwegian Startup HandleKrypto joins the BitSpace Family

HandleKrypto is a new web-based Norwegian virtual currency exchange, created by serial entrepreneur Olav Småriset. It offers instant purchase of cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum directly to your wallet with a credit card. HandleKrypto also allows...

BitSpace Partners with Music Blockchain SOUNDAC

BitSpace is excited to announce a partnership with music platform SOUNDAC (formerly known as Muse), a blockchain-based system for autonomous royalty payments for musicians. Similar to the way Bitcoin rewards its miners, and...

BitSpace Launches Graphchain in cooperation with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Together with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology NTNU, BitSpace is excited to announce Graphchain, a project built on groundbreaking innovations from specialists in cybersecurity and cryptography. Based on...

BitSpace Newsletter Q4 2018

Entering the Christmas period, we are extremely excited about the progress of BitGate as well as the successful CryptoFinance conference that took place in November. Here is the final newsletter of the year on the latest...

BitGate Recruits Leading Blockchain Professionals for Expansion into Europe

OSLO, NORWAY, November 28th 2018 Throughout 2018 Norway’s leading blockchain company BitSpace has been developing Europe’s most compliant digital asset wallet. BitGate delivers the fastest Bitcoin performance with instant onboarding and ease of use. Bitgate is the...

BitGate launches in Sweden with Safello

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, September 20th -- BitGate this week announced plans for a release in Sweden at the launch event of established European crypto exchange Safello. The BitGate wallet app is integrating Safello for handling the purchasing of Bitcoin for Swedish users,...

BitSpace Newsletter September 2018

In its third year as a company, BitSpace is rapidly gaining experience on many fronts. From project incubation, witness operations to consulting work, here is a status update for the month of September 2018. BitGate Our flagship...

BitSpace Partners with Nexus

Blockchain and Space Technology BitSpace is proud to announce partnership with Nexus Earth. By utilizing the international BitSpace network of companies and communities, together with advanced blockchain technology from Nexus, we can create access and opportunities...

BitSpace Partners with Green Mountain

Green Mountain is one of the most environmentally friendly data centers in the world. The data facility utilizes Norwegian hydropower energy that is 100% renewable and allows Green Mountain to have zero CO2 emissions. Green Mining Through the partnership with Green...

GDPR and EOS Pt. 2

By cryptosufi, Massoud Valipoor and Vidhi Kumar With GDPR being a comprehensive set of instructions, it is beneficial to break down key aspects of the regulatory framework and see how they may be relevant to DApps running on EOS. The right to be forgotten (or right to...


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