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BitSpace is a technology company that specializes in blockchain and exponential technology. Our headquarters is based in Oslo, Norway and we are now expanding our operations internationally throughout Europe.

With more than 20 years collective experience within the blockchain sector we allocate our resources towards community growth, incubation and software development.

Our mission at BitSpace is to help build the future through emerging technologies that include Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Space and Virtual Reality.

BitGate is mobile application for Digital Asset storage and payments tailored for the mainstream audience. BitGate is being developed by BitSpace. The core feature of BitGate is being able to access Digital Assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum in the same fashion a user accesses their familiar, traditional financial solutions.

BitSpace holds an annual event called CryptoFinance in Oslo, Norway. The event focuses on combining traditional financial business with international projects that are working within the cutting edge of future technology.

This year the event will be held on the 17th of November at the Radisson Plaza Hotel. Please see our website for more details.

Starting in 2018 BitSpace will be devoting its network to help support and expand the operations of decentralised blockchain systems. The EOS platform is a fully decentralised blockchain that can scale and meet the technical requirements needed for businesses worldwide. BitSpace will be looking to integrate and test the EOS platform within daughter companies and joint ventures such as BitGate, Etheos and Oasis. See more information on our BP-Page.

Bitspace is an incubator of startup companies. These business models incorporate technologies such as Blockchain, Space, Gaming, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. For consideration please contact us directly.

BitSpace holds bi-monthly meetups & hackathons throughout the year for associated partners and developers to allow the expansion of communities in Europe and spread awareness about their vision for the future. This year we will operate events and seminars internationally for companies such as EOS, SingularityNET and Etheos.


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